Aberdeen BestiaryEdit

Latin originalEdit

Aberdeen Bestiary Monoceros

Est monoceros monstrum mugitu horrido, equino corpore elephantis pedibus, cauda simillima cervo. Cornu media fronte eius protenditur splendore mirifico, ad magnitudinem pedum quatuor, ita acutum ut quicquid impetrat facile ictu eius foretur. Vivus non venit in hominum potestatem, et interimi quidem potest, capi non potest.

English translation (Colin McLaren, 1995)Edit

The monoceros is a monster with a horrible bellow, the body of a horse, the feet of an elephant and a tail very like that of a deer. A magnificent, marvellous horn projects from the middle of its forehead, four feet in length, so sharp that whatever it strikes is easily pierced with the blow. No living monoceros has ever come into man's hands, and while it can be killed, it cannot be captured.