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Unicorn (see also Monster).—Aon-adharcach, aon-bheannach; Beisd or biasd-na-scrogaig (Skye), buabhall or buabhull.

This beast of the towering horn was said to be peculiar to Skye under the name "Biasd na sgrogaig," and indeed to the Outer Hebrides generally, having, as it is generally portrayed, one horn on forehead, and dwelling in certain sea lochs (some accounts add long legs, clumsy and inelegant, tall and awkward). Now it is shrewdly surmised to be a narwhal strayed from the Arctic seas, and which is called in some places the "unicorn of the sea," having the horn shown in that animal.

The unicorn is the right hand supporter of the MacGregor arms. See also Isaiah xxxix.

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