Li Livres dou Tresor, liv. I, part. V, cap. CCIEdit

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The unicorn

The unicorn is a fierce animal whose body resembles the horse's somewhat, but it has feet like an elephant and the tail of a deer, and its voice is tremendously scary, and in the middle of its forehead there grows a single horn which shines marvellously; and it is easily four feet long, and is so strong and sharp that it easily pierces whatever it strikes. You should also know that the unicorn is so tough and so wild that no one can overtake it or capture it with any snare in the world. Dead, it could very well be caught by a man, but no alive. Hunters send a virgin maiden to the area the unicorn frequents, for its nature is that it goes right away to the maiden, casts aside its fierceness and sweetly falls asleep on her bosom and in her clothes, and in this way the hunters trick it.

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