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The unicorn has another property. Deep in the desert, where there are no rivers, only a tiny amount of water can be gathered in hollows in the ground. And even this water becomes bad from the heat of the sun. All the animals gather around to drink, but the water is bitter, and so they can’t. So they wait for the unicorn to come and drink. And when he bends to drink, and his horn touches the water, the water becomes fresh. He drinks of it and then the other animals follow. And it is while the other animals are gathered and waiting for the unicorn to arrive that the varied species mate with one another. And so we have the strange mixed breeds, like the panther (pardos) that mates with the camel to produce the giraffe (kamelopardos). Also, the wild wolves of India mate with the great dogs of India to produce wolfhounds (lykokynes), or jackals. Likewise, panthers mix with lions to become leopards (leontopardoi).