The voyage made by Master John Hawkins to the coast of Guinea and the Indies of Nova Hispania in 1564Edit

The Floridians have pieces of unicorns' horns, which they wear about their necks, whereof the Frenchmen obtained many pieces. Of those unicorns they have many; for that they do affirm it to be a beast with one horn, which, coming to the river to drink, putteth the same into the water before he drinketh. Of this unicorn's horn there are of our company that, having gotten the same of the Frenchmen, brought home thereof to show. It is therefore to be presupposed that there are more commodities as well as that; which, for want of time and people sufficient to inhabit the same, cannot yet come to light; but I trust God will reveal the same before it be long, to the great profit of them that shall take it in hand. Of beasts in this country besides deer, foxes, hares, polecats, coneys, ounces, and leopards, I am not able certainly to say; but it is thought that there are lions and tigers as well as unicorns; lions especially, if it be true that is said of the enmity between them and the unicorns. For there is no beast but hath his enemy, as the coney the polecat, a sheep the wolf, the elephant the rhinoceros; and so of other beasts the like, insomuch that whereas the one is the other cannot be missing.

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