The History of the Great and Mighty Kingdom of China, vol. 2, chap. XXIEdit

English translation (Robert Parke, 1588)Edit

From this iland you may go with ease vnto Malaca, leauing on the right hand a kingdome which is called Camboia, the which is great and very full of people, and all of them affectioned to go to sea, and nauigation, by reason whereof they haue an infinite number of vessels. It is a very fertill country, with great stoare of prouision: there are elephants in great number and abadas,[1] which is a kind of beast so big as two great buls, and hath vppon his snowt a little horne. At this day there is one of them at Madrid, the which was brought out of the Indians to his maiesty, and many do go to see it for a strange thing, and neuer the like seene in Europe, whose skinne is so hard (according vnto the report) that no man, although he be of great force and strength, can passe it with a thrust. Some haue saide that it is an unicorne, but I take it for the contrarie, and they are of my opinion almost all those that haue beene in those partes, and haue seene the true unicorne.

  1. The Spanish word for the rhinoceros.

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