Kongzi Jiayu, Bian WuEdit

Chinese originalEdit


English translation (James Legge)Edit

A waggoner of Shusun's, Zichushang, was gathering firewood in Daye, when he found a lin. Having broken its fore left leg, he carried it home with him in a carriage. Shusun thinking it inauspicious, threw it away outside the suburbs, and sent a messenger to tell Confucius of it, saying, "What is it? It is an antelope and horned." Confucius went to see it, and said, "It is a lin. Why has it come? Why has it come?" He took the back of his sleeve and wiped his face, while his tears wet the lapel of his coat. When Shusun heard what it was, he sent and had it brought [to the city]. Zigong asked the master why he wept, and Confucius said, "The lin comes [only] when there is an intelligent king. Now it has appeared when it is not the time for it to do so, and it has been injured. This is why I was so much affected."

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