Pirassouppi or Pirassoipi is a creature likened to a unicorn, described by André Thévet. It lives on the island called Cademoth, by the coast of Arabia on the Red Sea. It is the size of a mule, with the matching head, but its body is covered in thick fur, similar to that of a bear, although not as dark and rather approaching yellow in color. Its hooves are cloven, like the hooves of a deer. On its head, it bears two long, spiral, straight horns without branches, resembling the horn of the unicorn.

The Arabs use those horns as a remedy against bites of venomous animals. In order to do so, one needs to steep the horn in water for six or seven hours and then let the patient drink the liquid.

Since the creature has two horns and not one, it is technically not a unicorn, but there seems to be a relationship on account of alexipharmic horns.