Captain Samuel Turner was a British soldier in India.


An account of an embassy..., part I, chapter VIIIEdit

English originalEdit

[Raja of Bootan] had a very curious creature, he told me, then in his possession; a sort of horse, with a horn growing from the middle of his forehead. He had once another of the same species; but it died. I could not discover from whence it came, or obtain any other explanation than burra dûre! a great way off! I expressed a very earnest desire to see a creature so curious and uncommon, and told him that we had representations of an animal called an unicorn, to which his description answered; but it was generally considered as fabulous. He again assured me of the truth of what he told me, and promised I should see it. It was some distance from Tassisudon, and his people paid it religious respect; but I never had a sight of it.

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