The Alicorn Project is a discontinued project aiming to gather supporting quotations using the word "alicorn" in the meaning "horn of the unicorn".

In 1999 Oxford English Dictionary announced that it would allow its users to send words to be added in its Third Edition, provided their use would be backed by a variety of quotes from published literature. Matthew Webber, owner of the Unicorn Dream website, started the project to gather quotations and add "alicorn" to the Oxford Dictionary.

Final quotation listEdit

Title Author Date Alicorn appears on...
The Lore of the Unicorn Odell Shepard 1930 Pages 101-151 and various
Indiana Jones & the Unicorn's Legacy Rob MacGregor 1992 Various references
Fabulous Animals David Attenborough 1975 Pages 64, 65
Into the Land of the Unicorns Bruce Coville 1994 Page 115
The Magical Zoo Peter Costello 1979 Page 94
The Unicorn Nancy Hathaway 1980 Page 114
Catwitch Lisa Tuttle 1983 Pages 22, 23, 33-36, 42, 56, 60-67, 71, 72, 77
Legend (film) Ridley Scott (director) 1985 quote: Tom Cruise - "We must get the alicorn back"
Beth, the White Guardian Scudder Kidwell 2000
Unicorn Mountain Michael Bishop 1988 Pages 47-49, 60, 62, 64, 96, 106, 134, 185, and various
A Natural History Dragons and Unicorns Paul and Karin Johnsgard 1982 Various
Unicorns I Have Known Robert Vavra 1983 Pages 160, 161, 162
Might & Magic IV: The Mandate of Heaven (game) New World Computing 1998 Various references
The Unicorn Treasury Bruce Coville 1988 Pages 2, 3, 66
Treasures of the Unicorn: The Return to the Sacred Quest Ted Andrews 1996 Pages 30, 47, 55
Song of the Alicorn Andrew Liversage ???? poem
The Book of the Unicorn Nigel Suckling 1996 Page 40

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