Parzival, b. IX: TrevrezentEdit

German originalEdit

daz moht uns niht gehelfen sus.
ein tier heizt monîcirus:
daz erkennt der meide rein sô grôz
daz ez slæfet ûf der meide schôz.
wir gewunn des tieres herzen
über des küneges smerzen.
wir nâmen den karfunkelstein
ûf des selben tieres hirnbein,
Der dâ wehset under sîme horn.
wir bestrichen die wunden vorn,
und besouften den stein drinne gar:
diu wunde was et lüppec var.

English translation (Jessie L. Weston, 1912)Edit

A strange beast, the Unicorn, liveth, and it doth in such honour keep
The heart of a spotless maiden that it oft at her knee will sleep.
And the heart of that beast we took us, and we took us the red-fire stone
That lies 'neath its horn, if the king's wound might its healing virtue own.
And we laid on the wound the carbuncle, and we put it the wound within,
Yet still was the sore empoisoned nor aid from the stone might win!

English translation (Odell Shepard, 1930)Edit

We caught the beast called Unicorn
That knows and loves a maiden best
And falls asleep upon her breast;
We took from underneath his horn
The splendid male carbuncle stone
Sparkling against the white skull-bone.

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